When the old G.P. and his attractive nurse arrived at the hotel where they had
booked in for the duration of the conference, they were somewhat disconcerted to
find that instead of the two single rooms they had requested, they had been
booked into one twin-bedded room. Worse still, there were no other rooms
available, so they had to make do with what had befallen.

That night, the old G.P. flung the windows wide for some fresh (but cold) air
and climbed into bed. After a short while, the nurse announced she was cold, and
would he please close the windows.

G.P.: "If you're cold would you like to pretend we're married?"

Nurse (giggling at the thought of sharing his bed): "Why, doctor, what an
idea, but I don't mind if that's what you'd like."

G.P.: "Well then, YOU get up and close the blasted window!